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Through the Tree Branch

Relearn Life

Breaking Down Barriers and Changing Perspectives

Day 1 - Breaking down Barriers, Introducing Jesus, Grace, and Maladaptive behavior:
Breakfast/Meet other participants
Prayer, intro to program; preview of week's schedule
Activity - personal journal entry what don't you want people to know about you? 
Group discussion 
Brief lecture: what we ask of people needing help (share the first activity with a total stranger at first meeting, ideally)
Break for fun; group camp activity 
Snacks and short sermon
Activity in pairs (getting to know cabin mate better)
Prayer and lunch
Group activity
Lesson and testimony- we all have a past, and we often respond to the difficult things by changing who we are, becoming less trusting or less able to be trusted, depressed, anxious, hopeless, scared, 
Additional scripture
Activity in pairs
Prayer and dinner
Evening activities of choice with people of choice 
9pm cabin/bedtime/reflection/journaling
The days that follow will have a similar format, with the ultimate goal of all parties coming to know each other, God and themselves in a new way.  Day 7 will allow for family to attend a worship service with the students and participate in activities along with program graduates.

Relearn Life: Programs
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